As one of our early board members, Chuck Robinson helped set the tone, culture and spirit of North Cascades Institute. As board chair he led us adroitly through strategic planning, difficult partnership negotiations, and significant growth and challenges, like the great recession, with focus and a smile. Chuck brings wisdom gleaned from his many years of experience with small business and local and national nonprofit boards, and an attitude that focuses on the people behind the mission. He led our $4 million capital campaign to build the North Cascades Environmental Learning Center. I call on him regularly for advice on board governance, performance evaluation, and the role of the board in fundraising. He gets stuff done to help communities and organizations flourish.

Saul Weisberg
Executive Director and Founder, North Cascades Institute, www.ncascades.org

Chuck has the ability to weave solid governance practices into any organization – newly forming or well-established – while elevating its vision and purpose. His passion for doing good work in communities is infectious. The only downside? After working with Chuck, you’ll want him to join your board.

Mauri Ingram
Executive Director, Whatcom Community Foundation

Chuck is a strategic thinker. He focuses on the end goals and guides stakeholders to successfully achieve them. His extensive network of people is invaluable. He is a creative thinker, and brings his best ideas and practices to the situation. He is an amazing problem solver. Why? Because he is strategic, innovative, and always focuses on the end goal. He brings a wealth of experience working with non-profit organizations and businesses. He is grounded in building successful organizations.

Kathi Hiyane-Brown
President, Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA

Thank you so very much. I appreciate every one of your comments and we are taking action immediately. Your keen eye and experience focused on our store just means the world to us. Thank you for your time and wisdom. We went right to work on your suggestions for Seaport Books. Well, we’re jazzed. Thank you, Saint Chuck.

Janna Gage
Seaport Books, La Conner, WA

Thank you so much for taking the time to stop in and spend time in our new Indie bookstore. You provided us with such useful information, and your excitement and encouragement was so appreciated. It’s nice to hear the advice of veteran bookstore owners.

Annette Avery
Bright Side Bookshop, Flagstaff, AZ

I just wanted to let you know how things are here since your course. Our store has really turned around! Sales have almost doubled, inventory has decreased by 35% (and no one has noticed), our payables have dropped… And – I don’t feel like I am working as hard — So thank you!

from a bookseller training course

Chuck’s knowledge of local business and community is unparalleled. He was a founding Board Member of Sustainable Connections, providing much needed expertise in a variety of areas; perhaps most importantly in how the organization does strategic planning and governance. Key ideas and resources he developed and trained Board and Staff on well over a decade ago are still used today.

Derek Long
Executive Director of Sustainable Connections

I have known Chuck for more than thirty years and he’s been a tremendous resource in my work within both for-profit and nonprofit endeavors. He has the imagination to spot unique opportunities and the discipline to help organizations thrive through marketing, board development and outreach. His deep understanding of the unique role nonprofits play in improving our lives makes him a powerful advocate. His successful career as a business owner and community leader makes him a highly adept coach in forging partnerships between business, nonprofits and communities.

Kris Molesworth
Development Director and Nonprofit Executive Director