Nonprofit Consulting

Effective nonprofits through high-performance boards and appropriate governance structures

  • Powerful Board Recruitment and Development Plans

    Many of the problems that nonprofits deal with either result from or are exacerbated by poor board recruitment and development. How often have you heard some one request another person to be on a board by saying “it won’t take much time, only one meeting a month for a couple of hours.” Not a great beginning. We can help you develop a board recruitment and development plan. Stronger, better informed boards make for stronger, more effective nonprofits.

  • Overcome Fear of Fundraising

    Do your board members suffer from “fear of fundraising?” Many board members do. We can help relieve that anxiety by helping board members fully understand their role in fundraising. We can actually help them learn to love asking for money.

  • Building Community Partnerships

    Nonprofits rely on community partnerships. In our years in business we built many effective partnerships that were extremely beneficial to nonprofits in the community. We can help you build those crucial partnerships.

  • Critical Connections and Outreach Systems

    We have years of experience in marketing and outreach and can help you reach the people in the community who are critical to your success. We’ll help you develop outreach plans and help you develop stronger outreach systems.

Reasons for hiring a nonprofit consultant

Five Reasons You Should Hire Us to Consult with You

  1. We offer an experienced “outsiders” point of view.
  2. We can help connect you with appropriate resources in the community.
  3. We can help you maximize the talent and resources within your organization.
  4. We can reduce the time it takes to solve problems.
  5. We’ll help you carry out the mission of your organization.

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I have known Chuck for more than thirty years and he’s been a tremendous resource in my work within both for-profit and nonprofit endeavors. He has the imagination to spot unique opportunities and the discipline to help organizations thrive through marketing, board development and outreach. His deep understanding of the unique role nonprofits play in improving our lives makes him a powerful advocate. His successful career as a business owner and community leader makes him a highly adept coach in forging partnerships between business, nonprofits and communities.

Kris Molesworth
Retired Development Director and Nonprofit Executive Director