I’m Chuck Robinson. Welcome to my blog.

Business Consultant - Chuck Robinson

Chuck Robinson
Small Business & Nonprofit Consultant

I’ve spent the better part of the last four decades running small businesses and working with nonprofits, both locally and nationally.  In January of 2017 my wife and business partner, Dee, and I sold our bookstores and gift stores and I’ve launched a small business and nonprofits consulting practice — Chuck Robinson Associates (www.chuckrobinsonassociates.com).  If you’re interested, you can read more about me and my career here: (www.chuckrobinsonassociates.com/about).

In my experience, small businesses and nonprofits have many things in common, including some problems and frustrations.  In this blog I’ll share some of my thoughts — and the thoughts of others — on addressing the issues that face both small business and nonprofits.

Among many topics I’ll address are these:

  • recognizing and following your mission
  • recruiting and developing an engaged staff
  • building strong community partnerships
  • attracting resources
  • time management
  • reaching more customers or clients
  • allocating limited resources

I’ll also write a bit about my own passions — biking (the pedal variety), travel, food, and reading, among others.

I invite your comments and contributions to the conversation.  Let’s help both small businesses and nonprofits thrive.